Thursday, April 26, 2012

Rainy Days

There is something about the rain that has this paradoxical affect on me. There's this simple quote by Roger Miller that I often think of: "Some people walk in the rain, others just get wet."

I've been partial to both, depending on the day, my disposition and the things going on in my life or inside me at the time the waters cascade. Kind of like my post The Night Phenomenon, rain seems to soak into my skin, through my veins and bones right into the very center of me. It's this uncomfortable, melancholy, familiar, comforting, aching feeling that makes it hard to feel drenched in gloom. Yet, in the right company or mindset, rain can ignite the imagination, can illuminate the ordinary, can paint a sheen on the simplest of things, wash away the dirt of the daily grind, rejuvenate, purify, cleanse and nourish. It can also bring out the passion in me, the rawness, the purest parts of my soul and my humanity.

So, it really does come down to the atmosphere around us, within us and our will to shift perspectives. Today, the dreary, doleful skies are putting a damper on my heart. But at the same time, I'm watching so many people outside walking under weeping clouds, some laughing as though it doesn't bother them in the least bit, others plowing through with the sole driving force being shelter. Whatever the case, they're walking. In the past, I've simply just stood, tears mixed with droplets soaking my skin. In those times, I just got wet.

But today, I can see the beauty in the misty backdrop and despite the sadness amidst me and many of us, the rain can be a blanket of comfort, a reminder of warmer, kindled times, playful times. It sings to my heart today, melancholy mixed with love.

Each raindrop kissing my eyelashes, gently reminding me of the days when I jumped in their puddles.



  1. I have never thought of it that way before but I believe you're right...our mindset or disposition realy does directly influence how we view rain. Wonderful post :-)

    p.s. "melancholy mixed with love"...beautifully worded my friend