Sunday, July 17, 2016

The Role of Darkness in the Awakening

The wind grazes my skin, fluttering my heart as I close my eyes to the sounds of the lake, her waves rolling up against the heavy stones below.

I can't explain what I feel entirely. I feel a heaviness in my heart, which has been broken open, so wide open, it feels like an exposed wound ... whatever it comes into contact with either fires off sensations of a warm, soothing salve or the deep pangs of salty water.

I feel deep loss ... its dark, mournful tendrils wrap around my heart. The beats slow down a bit and I feel the familiar murmur. The skies open up and I wonder at the paradoxes surrounding this world before me. The violence seeping through the cracks of the earth, of humanity ... the shadows, like capes, on the backs of bodies filled with adrenaline, fear, anger, hurt ... the shadows enveloping hearts, minds. The darkest parts exposed. Those eyes, all those eyes, once were the eyes of children.

The children, long gone ... or buried, buried so deep.

Yet ... I see the sky, its soft, pale blue color mirrored in the water, a mirage. The water, fretful on the surface, yet underneath, the depths of its stillness spreads to the earth. It caresses the earth, the earth caresses me. The air beholds me ... the trees sing to me, and life finds me. Love finds me. She always finds me.

And the best moments are when I see the love in other eyes, in the overwhelming greater amount of eyes peering out into this world, peering out to one another. The shadows are mere wisps that trail behind us. And the light is our power. The power is within us.

The sun beats down upon my skin, flushing it with warmth as I feel that love dancing with the tendrils of sadness and loss. They play ... they know the familiar dance. And I witness their dips and swirls. I feel them touch every part of me.

Each tear finds the shores. I let them jump from my cheeks into the wind and I smile, emanating the paradox within. I understand now. I understand how the dark and light co-exist, the sustaining polarity of this magical planet ... How our minds come to know one thing — light — by the sheer experience of coming into contact with another — darkness — I understand how the dark helps facilitate more light ... it ignites it, like the flame of a candle, a single candle ... filling the corner of a room.

The darkness knows this, even if those who house it do not. Oh ... but they will.

Just as the elements of the earth serve their roles, aiding one another, so does the darkness serve her role, and she will serve it well ... until so many candles become lit, every single crevice of our collective home will be held in a brilliant blaze.

How my heart whispers such words to me as it translates the wind, the water, the trees, the moon and sun, the stars ... And how I know, I can only play my role in it all.

So I stand, facing the waves, my heart, with all the tendrils of its sorrows, its joys, its desires, its pains, exposed. And I vow to hold my candle flame close, to serve as its hearth and tend its flames amidst the storms.

I mourn the losses darkness has left in her wake ... knowing their memories will live on and serve as fuel for more candles. And I thank her for making me burn even brighter.

For light will always shed its skin upon darkness.

I ask you all to join me in being the light.



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