Wednesday, December 14, 2011


I've always been in love with music, using it as a means of channeling for most of my life; whether in the instruments I play or just simply the music I listen to. My friend, Claire, introduced me to this artist the other night and she's stayed with me since. While I'll continue my photograph/story writing challenges, I've decided to try writing poems to songs and what they make me feel.

Agnes ... you're the first.

Close Watch, by Agnes Obel


Curled up on a stone bench, clutching a rough stone
Hands cold, blood hot, the salt of tears stiff on her skin
Breath icy, misty against the stars, sparkling against the snow
The silvery sheen of the doleful moon, coats her skin

A faint beating inside, donned with thorns, many old ... some new
Squeezing her hand tighter, the stone digs into her palm
Nerve endings breathe soft pangs up her arm
People shuffle past, crunching salt, white noise, unaware

She pulls the stone into her cheek, laying her face upon it
Heart pulses stronger, thorns press against her chest
Snowflakes descend, playing against closed eyelashes
Shadows hovering, cloaking, her blood still hot ... she waits



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